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I new to Dofus retro looking for Maging Guidance

I also play with PoE and it's fine so or since it only takes 50-100 hours and cheap Dofus Kamas then youstop and're done.


I also play with PoE and it's fine so or since it only takes 50-100 hours and cheap Dofus Kamas then youstop and're done. It's like 1-2 weeks. Dofus lasts hundreds of hours to acquire the best setup.So I know why PoE has no disconnection protection, but Dofus requires it considering the time investment necessary to achieve endgame with endgame equipment (including Dofuses exos etc) from comparsion to PoE. It's too much to shed. It's sufficient for me to safely say the servers are unplayable and anybody playing. Everyone will have different options Only my view, but I have played perma passing games and Dofus is the worst.

Ily is the ideal server but depending on what you mean by"playing Dofus again" it'll be a fairly different experience. On ilyzealle the Dofus game may seem to feel lifeless occasionally, and you may struggle to locate groups to assist you through dungeons and quests. This isn't a problem when you've got a guild and a buddy group that is helpful, until you have that base but it's a battle.

When compared with this Dofus retro servers where there is hundreds of people going through gobball dungeon at any given point in time, lots of low degrees because it is slower to level up and lots of people wanting groups because everything is better in a large group of 8, instead of the four folks use on ilyzealle.

It is a completely different version of the Dofus game (10 years different) but if that is the Dofus you recall then it may be more suited to you. If you want that it's a lot slower and more buggy and I would reccomend it to anybody that wants a MMO experience. Ilyzealle is far better in most aspects, but really lacks the community feel that Dofus retro brings. Which is easily the most crucial aspect to MMOs for a lot of individuals.

I new to Dofus retro looking for Maging Guidance. Maging is exactly the exact same in both 1.29 and 2.0 so any 2.0 manual should work good excepted for the leveling part that is different.So is my first time playing Dofus retro and I have 0 expertise maging things I have a tailor lvl 65 currently magus 60 but I cant find a guide thats relevant to that version of this, and Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale many of the new one discuss a"sink" system which you would see while maging an items but really isn't true at Dofus retro.