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- Bandits. Bandits auto-attack you as long as you wear a sara/zammy item, such as a cape that's readily attainable. That means you can basically find a spot here and leave your personal computer, and the bandits will just always respawn and strike you. Although thats against Jagex' rules:-LRB-. Again guthans is helpful, however not necessary. You can bring noted food (such as trout, salmon, lobsters) and OSRS gold cash with you, and promote the food that is mentioned to the nearby general store, and then buy it straight back unnoted. It earns you approximately 40k approximately xp an hour, and might take maybe 10-12 weeks, though it will be simple.

That I really like the notion of decorations in your house, and I'm currently attempting to get a Bass decoration. My queries are: 1. How long does it take to fish up the bass necessary for the decoration? 2. Does it seem different? 3. Do you need to cook it to mount this up? I think that the opportunity to receive it will differ between individuals. It will most probably be called a significant bass, and can be clearly different from any others you will get. No, you have to bring it into the taxidermist at Canifis and they'll mount it, and then you can place it up in your trophy hall.

Alright I got the base of the sceptre and that I got the right skull half from the minotaurs today All I want is another bottom of the sceptre and the left creature half. . .But then I will need to fight ankous...I really don't think I'm good enough to RuneScape gold buy fight ankous....Heres what I will be sporting: no image, Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune plateskirt, As well as the food Im using are: Lobbies. My stats are:: Strength: 50, Strike: 42, Defence: 41, Hitpoints: 43, Prayers: 28(I understand they are really bad). So... These are my stats since I need to kill a few ankous I do not know if I will survive to receive my left skull . Thanks For Answereing!