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I am kinda baffled by the way the MUT team has proceeded since essentially the Color Smash promo

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Agree completely. Everyone is building building building but at the time you get anything like your final team the game just is not fun. I realised in my first year, spend your coins don't save for mut season/zero it. Any coins simply sell on the Mut 21 coins market that is open while they're worth some thing and buy yourself something nice. I bought myself a 4k TV last week with the cash. Instead of giving of your money to EA.

(Not weekly.) Nothing wrong with using a punt here and there, after my first year though there is no point stacking coins for a later time when you might be enjoying them today. Change them if you have surplus. Yea it seems like youre right. Ive learning how to play the market and been holding on to the pile I got after that buy. Im hoping to get a market crash tomorrow.

The weekly was amazing for me personally I feel this last week has been my first big L with two 83s and platinum 81 but I have gotten some wonderful pulls out of that. The weeklys arent crap but the brand new years bundle was 100$ and I can not justify another Madden 20 for my buget. Plus although the automatic platinums are neat, Ive increased to a 90+ team with a bank of coins consistently over Madden 200k. Im not in a need of purchasing them like I was.

I am kinda baffled by the way the MUT team has proceeded since essentially the Color Smash promo. EA makes a whole lot of money off of the cheap mut coins madden 21 supreme Team manner, and new content is what drives people to get packs. I don't know the specific financing, but it seems like there would be a strong Return On Investment (ROI) on paying a few individuals to constitute promos, make players and art assets, etc., versus what people might spend on packs. EA wants to make money, so why wouldn't they do so? I see two possibilities:At this stage in the year, there's no money. Not enough of a player population/potential pack-buyers to justify spending any more on the folks who make the content. Move them to endeavors. EA could have a lot of data/analytics from the past.