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Animal Crossing: New Horizons-How to build a lake

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, terrain deformation can be said to be one of the most unique features added to the series, because it provides a new type of customization for the game. We can finally change the appearance of the land around the village to create our own ideal island paradise. Combining these unique terrain deformation tools, and sometimes some item invasion and time travel, players greatly expand the possible range of the game.

Some people have learned some very interesting techniques using Terraforming tools. Those who have managed to master the terrain conversion tools can create some truly unique landmarks on their islands. Recently, players have created some amazing waterscapes for the islands in the form of lakes.

Some people have been building small ponds and rivers on their islands since they first unlocked the tools, so making unique waters is not really a new technology. The lake effectively produces larger and smaller water features, requiring more work to design. They need to spend some time and a lot of space to make it look correct, but in the end, they can provide a very beautiful woodland feel to the player's island.

If players want to start designing lakes, then you first need to make sure they have unlocked the island terrain editing tools. This involves raising the island's score to the highest and letting K.K Slider perform on the island. After completing this operation, the player should be able to use terrain editing tools. The next step will be to find a large piece of land that can be dug to form a lake. Players may not have enough land to hold the lake, so please don't worry about whether there are one or two houses. Looking at the town map, players will want to Buy Nook Miles Tickets have at least one spot with a large grid square to form a suitable lake.

After choosing a location, the player should start to clean the area. This can be quite time-consuming and expensive, as players not only need to take care of any highland terrain and trees that may exist in the area, but also need to relocate any houses that may exist there. This will be a time-consuming process of several hours, because the editing tools of New Horizons are not the most efficient tools in the world.

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